Archetype Re-Patterning

We all come into this world with agreements. We choose our wardrobe, define our roles, and sign life agreements in the grand play of life. In this training we work at deciphering the archetypal patterns we have encoded and need to reconcile. We learn techniques to heal and integrate these aspects that are not in truth. These patterns often carry over lifetime after lifetime, manifest in multiple ways, layered within the expression of life in attempts to be recognized and healed once and for all. For all is an important point here, because we are all expressions of the collective and what is integrated and healed for one adds to the quantum healing and reconciliation of the all. We will explore this topic thoroughly in this course as well. Once we have moved past the unconscious habitual motivations of these misaligned archetypal patterns, we can begin to consciously contract with higher truth inspired archetypes that will amiably bring us into our highest potential. Once again with all aspects of this work, this training is first and foremost experiential, taking the participant through the process. Followed by a step by step process to lead others through the process. This certification enables the facilitator to offer this work in both a small group/workshop format or with individuals in private session.


Life Regression, Progression, and In-between Journey Guide


We are multidimensional beings. We carry within us memories from lifetimes. Most of us have had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and having an instant connection or affinity towards them. The opposite is true too. There are those we meet for the first time and we find ourselves repulsed by their mere presence, though we may not know anything about them. This knowledge stems from somewhere deep within us. We carry within us codes of lifetimes past. These codes can sometimes wreak havoc on our lives, unconsciously motivating us to engage in unhealthy dramas and dis-empowering acts. These patterns are not intended to be be relentlessly relived, over and over again, like some cruel joke. The intention of the resurfacing of these patterns are attempts to heal and reconcile these aspects of the self that our out of alignment with the soul. To heal them and become whole again. To call these parts of the self back home, into integrity with your higher truth. Having awareness of these parts of ourselves takes great presence and consciousness. Sometimes we receive glimpses of information, but are unable to process the information for healing to take place. This certification trains the facilitator to be a guide for others in the process of discovery and reconciliation of past and future life stories. Thus disengaging the charge or emotional baggage attached to experiences that are continuously defining the self. The facilitator learns how to rescript life events to better serve and define who they, and those they will work with, choose to be. We also delve into the realm of the space between life forms, the spiritual realm. Here we can access our soul’s lessons, our akashic records, and take an objective view of our relationships on the Earth plane.

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