Nina has always been a very sensitive being. From her earliest memories she can remember talking with God, deceased relatives and angels. At the age of 5 years old she can remember looking at herself and remarking that, “Oh, I’m a girl this time.” She has always lived somewhat between worlds and lives her life today with one foot on Earth and the other in the Spirit realm. She has studied various forms of healing and spirituality since she was 16 years old. Her professional career began with becoming a massage therapist at the age of 19. She has continuously expanded her knowledge and education through reading vast amounts of related texts, as well as furthering her knowledge with training in hypnotherapy, metaphysics, yoga, meditation,energy healing, sound healing, aromatherapy,NLP, EFT, life coaching and flower essences. She has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and insistently expands her knowledge and skills.


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Alchemy 7