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Nina Heron is the founder and developer of Alchemy 7. It began with her book Cultivating Truth, which she is set to publish in 2016. Back in 2011 her life hit a turning point. After a failed business, her marriage on the brink of collapse, working in a highly toxic, unrewarding job, and her husband becoming very ill, she fell into her dark night. With the dark night also came an awakening that took her on a journey of reconciliation. All that had led her to that point was revealed and a pathway was channeled through the writings that gave her steps to follow to rediscover her truth. To read more about Nina Heron click here.

The book Cultivating Truth has come through her, enlightening her through her very own experience, as well as coming forth to help others who can relate to her journey. It was inspired by nature itself. How the truth of nature just is. There is no coercing nature, it knows innately who and what to be. The outline of the book was put down in a half hour. This basically laid out the complete foundation for the book. The material within the book was transpired very organically without great effort or struggle for content. It flowed naturally and cohesively.

The book follows the symbolic course of growing a garden, and how we can relate the process to our own cultivation of a soul inspired life. Within the book deeper lessons and tools were transpired. These messages were later understood to be part of a bigger resource that could be used by anyone to help them manage their own energy system and help them decode destructive karma. Thus began the evolution and development of Alchemy 7. Within Cultivating Truth deep concepts and processes are introduced and made available for the reader. Nina came to find that this process can be challenging to go through alone and often needed guidance and breaking it down into smaller chunks. She began teaching the material and using it in her life coaching practice with great success. Her clients experienced a true transformation in fairly short periods of time with long standing painful karma or energetic patterns in their lives being reconciled and released.

Alchemy 7 is the process one goes through to alchemize the encoded lower vibration energies within the chakra system, that is often connected to painful past traumas, lives, or experiences that keep us trapped in self sabotaging patterns. The process of alchemy is to turn lead into gold. This symbolic terminology of transforming heavy, dark/subconscious, lower, lead vibrations into light, illuminated or gold is the journey one takes when embarking on the path of Alchemy 7.

This system provides a road map home to live in alignment with your highest inspired self, your soul and the rediscovery of your individual truth. It is not a religion. It is however a tool that can be used by anyone wishing to move through karma more quickly, thus allowing them to grow more spiritually. It is not a scheme for getting rich, or achieving material success. Not that that may not occur, it is simply not the core intention of this work. This is SOUL work. You don’t take your earthly possessions with you when you go. This is about You and your Soul, and who you really are unadulterated by any ‘person, place or thing’.

Alchemy 7 has been given to the planet at this time to help in the evolution of our species. To expedite the karma clearing that is and needs to take place in order for our species to survive and evolve into the next level of humanity. Each one of us is more important than we realize. With the inner alchemy of each individual, we lighten up and activate the evolutionary codes within us, within the species and the morphogenetic field, thus aiding in the process of raising the vibrational codes of the planet. Far out stuff, huh! On a more practical note, it is a simple tool that can be utilized by anyone and offers concrete, technical exercises and resources to implement and practice. This is one of the beautiful aspects of this work. It is very accessible and breaks it down into a process that anyone can follow. That being said, it is a practice. This is not a magic pill, or healing that waves a wand and miraculously makes everything better. The whole concept of alchemy is in the experience of the inner knowing that is transpired through the process of bringing what is dark/heavy/lead into the awakened/enlightened/gold. It would be a dis-empowerment to rob one of this experience. Therefore this work is just that, work. The practitioner must take personal responsibility and conscious choice to take the initiative to practice presence and conscious will, though they will not need to do the work alone. The support offered by the facilitator ensures accountability and emotional support along the way.

This training is divided into 3 levels. The foundation level does just that, sets the foundation for the deeper process of the practitioner level. Just like when we grow a garden, planting seeds in unknown territory can yield no fruit, lots of weeds, and even noxious waste. We must first begin within and going deep under the surface to discover what is at our foundation. This is crucial to gaining the context and awareness to attain the insight and presence necessary for further spiritual healing and growth. The practitioner level takes one deep into the process of self discovery, reconciliation and clearing karma. It realigns the lifelong journey of living from the Soul.

The facilitator level is a commitment to helping others navigate their own journey to truth. The facilitator helps others discover and reconcile their karmic debts and patterns and decode those beliefs and programs. In order to be a successful and effective guide one must have intimate knowledge of this process and have gone through the journey themselves. That is the basis for this structure.


  • How to read and manage your own energy
  • How to call your spirit back
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Lots of tools and techniques for healing, connecting, and manifesting
  • How to align with your soul
  • How to discern guidance and truth
  • Your soul’s intentions
  • How to improve your relationships
  • How to overcome self defeating/limiting beliefs/patterns
  • Clearer intuition and peace of mind
  • How to be in the present moment
  • Tools for self healing and clearing karma




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