Helping others to find their way back home to the truth of who they really are is an immeasurable gift!

You have found this training, or this training has found you for a reason.  You are ready to become a crystal clear channel for healing and foster that crystallization in others. We are all like diamonds hidden within a block of coal. With a little help we can shine bright as the stars in the sky.

Truth is simple, yet obscured. We tend to over complicate and get muddled down by perspectives. Decoding the patterns of our lies takes consciousness. We need objectivity to have relativity to the beliefs that limit us and turn down the volume on how we express ourselves in the world. This can be challenging when we are in the midst of it. Having an ally on the journey of remembering who we really are can expedite the process of reconciliation with our soul’s truth.

The world is in need of this remembrance. We are being called at this time to remember and reconcile with our inner wisdom, the source within, the truth of our soul. The world is in need of guides to help this process along and Source has given this method as one way in which to help in the progress.

The Facilitator Training provides a system that simplifies the process and hones in on clarifying the ways in which we negotiate and compromise our core power, our truth, our Self. We facilitate the inner awareness that imbues wisdom or in other words, soul truth for others. A facilitator learns and then teaches skills to manage and heal the energetic system, meditation to deepen the connection within, and tools to overcome self-defeating patterns.

The training is a synthesis of the studies of the chakras, archetypal patterns, the science of the mind and consciousness, shamanism, yoga, priest/priestess practices, journey work, life coaching, spiritual counseling, meditation and intuitive healing. The facilitator combines these skills to guide their clients on the journey to their own remembrance.

The facilitator goes through the foundation and practitioner training before embarking on the facilitator certification. The facilitation  is much better supported when one has the inner wisdom gained through experience to be able to be present for another’s journey. Not only this, but to not get lit up, or triggered by others stories is an important element. This process enables the facilitator to be a neutral and clear guide for healing and truth to unfold from within the other.

Facilitator Certification


  • How to teach and guide meditation
  • How to teach mindfulness
  • Journey work
  • Energy Medicine techniques and science
  • Interviewing and counseling skills
  • How to increase presence and intuition
  • Tools for spiritual growth and healing
  • Connecting with guides and helping others connect with their guides
  • How to help others re-frame and rebuild better life pictures.
  • A proprietary approach to the chakra system, healing, spiritual evolution and manifestation.
  • Spiritual & Life Coaching
  • Leading groups as well as individual sessions
  • Business skills and ethics


Includes 3 one on one phone sessions, 2 business development coaching sessions, as well as email support.


The home study portion of this training takes at least 6 months to complete. You have up to two years to complete the program. It involves an e-manual or home study print manual and audio recordings.  We will meet live online twice a month for 6 months. All sessions are recorded. Students will be required to write 5 papers and complete course exams.


Meditation Teacher Certification

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