Are you ready to clear away the debris in your life that is keeping you stuck in old self-defeating patterns? 

Are your ready to start living the most inspired version of yourself?

Are you ready to find your truth, and live from that truth? 

The truth will set YOU free! 

The practitioner level initiates the practice of uncovering the areas in life that are not in alignment with your highest version of yourself. It involves a process oriented undoing of all that you are not, to get to the truth of who you are. The training provides the practitioner the road map for learning how to manage your personal energy system and begin to clear the way for your truth, your Soul, to shine forth fully and present.

This course’s primary objective is to align your core power, or in other words get you firing on all cylinders. With clarity comes focus, with focus comes awareness, with awareness comes choice and with choice come happiness. The practitioner level teaches how to discern the programs that are compromising our Truth. Revealing how we negotiate who we are and imbuing techniques to realign with our Authentic Self. As we develop this awareness and practice, our karma codes begin to clear and we effortlessly unfurl our beauty like a rose blooms.

This is primarily a meditative practice, that guides the practitioner on a journey back to wholeness. The practice of living in alignment with the soul is not an overnight process. This process can take lifetimes to reach this level of consciousness in Earthly expression. This is not a paint by numbers course that when complete offers a finished masterpiece. The masterpiece is always unfolding and becoming. This practice is a lifelong companion that involves conscious management of our energy system and a practice in presence. Much of our experience will directly be influenced by how present we are with the practice.

This training helps to rebuild the relationship with Self and realign the Self with the Soul. It’s purpose serves to activate the evolutionary codes within the individual for vibrational upgrades and attunement. As a species we are being called to live more fully from our soul. We are being nudged to evolve and contain more of our spiritual nature. We have immense capacity for creativity and compassion here on this Earth journey, yet we choose otherwise. This training comes at this point in time to offer a pathway for the expedition of our soul evolution. Through the alchemy of our inner temple from heavier/lower – sucking – vibrations to lighter and brighter – giving – vibrations we begin to change not only our inner landscape but the broader landscape as well through the morphogenetic field.

Practitioner Training

  • An in Depth look at the Chakra System
  • A Unique Formula for Healing and Spiritual Growth
  • How to Read and Manage your own Energy System
  • To Clear away Programs and Beliefs that no longer Serve you
  • To Align and Attune your Energy Centers
  • To Raise your Vibration and Presence
  • To Live more Fully in the Moment
  • Gain Equanimity and Peace
  • Increase clarity and Intuition
  • Develop and Activate your Inner Guidance System and Resources
  • To Discern Truth from Fiction
  • Mind Body Reconciliation with the Soul
LIVE TRAINING The Practitioner Training consists of a 5 Day interactive Intensive. Home Practice – 1 Hour Daily Soulwork
ONLINE TRAINING The Online Practitioner Training is a 6 month commitment, with weekly video classes and home study work. Home Practice – 1 hour Daily Soulwork


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