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Soul Alignment Training ™

Remember Who You Are

Align Your Core Power

Unlock Your Inner Gates

Discover Your Truth

Live For Your Soul

Sometimes we cling to our habits and comfortable life, though somewhere deep down we know there is more…


Awaken your Soul and Realign with your Truth!      

Begin the journey home and reconnect with the truth of who you are. The foundation course activates and realigns our consciousness with the deeper part of our being. It opens the mind to receive a larger more soul guided version of ourselves. Overtime our expression in life, who we are, gets watered down and filtered through deep seated  limiting beliefs and cultural programming. The truth of who we are is always within us. This course begins the process of undoing all that we are not, to get to who we really are.



Presence Your Truth!

The practitioner level builds on the foundation laid in the level 1 course, strengthening our core, the connection with our soul truth.   We learn how we negotiate our truth and how to discern truth from fiction. The skills and tools in this course provide the practitioner with the resources to maintain, restore and evolve their personal power,to serve the individual, the one, and all.  As we become more present we see more clearly and are able to make wise choices that are more in alignment with our truth and serve all better.



Sharing the Gift of Truth is a Blessing!

With the completion of the facilitator level course you are certified as an Authentic Life Coach, meditation teacher, and an Alchemy 7 facilitator. For those who wish to help others find their truth and live for their soul, this course takes the practitioner to the level of profound presence to facilitate the reconciliation. A facilitator learns to read energy and the chakras, resolve karma, be a guide on the journey home, and how to help clients get clear about how to fully live from their soul. 


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